Here is The Official U-Lace Lacing Guide and Instructions.

U-Lace transforms your sneakers into masterpieces. U-Lace has 56 hot colors to let you create whatever look you desire, whether you want to rock single-color lace-ups, or multi-color laces-ups in school or team colors; hook-up colors; cheer squad colors; fresh fashion colors or dance troop colors.

U-Lace works best on 3-piece construction sneakers.

Push tip thru eyelet; closed end first. From inside the sneaker pull the aglet thru. Align aglet so open end (fingernail) points toward toe.

Pull the U-Lace tight and into place from outside. Stretch to next eyelet; whichever you choose. Insert as before. Align aglet with open end (fingernail) pointing towards toe. Take fingernail and lock them over the aglets of the segments below them.

Official U-Lace Lacing Guide

If your sneakers are looser than you like try a pattern that will stretch the U-Lace’s more during the lace-up. This will yeld a more snug fit.