The BLAH BLAH BLAH trailer featuring Paul Pogba and made by adidas Football is revealed, hitting the Speed Of Light Pack boots release.

The main phrase of the video is said by Pogba: “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers.”, then show us a big “blah” banner and “Shut Up” reply by a Red Devil.
Pogba ends with: “First never follows”.

Manchester United sold him to Juventus back in 2012 for just £800,000 and today they are about to buy him for £100million (world record move).

adidas sponsor some of the best footballers in the world including: Leo Messi, Paul Pogba, Luis Suárez, James Rodríguez, Gareth Bale, Arjen Robben, Müller, Özil, Oscar, Neuer, Diego Costa, Juan Mata, Benzema, Kroos, Marcelo, Dele Alli.