New Balance Furon 2.0 Hydra LE Silver and Solar Green 2017 boots (or Silver Mink with Toxic) feature hybrid mesh upper for a clean precision strike with bio-mechanical last
and stud placements.

“The limited edition Furon 2.0 Hyrda features an innovative water-reactive upper. When the white logo and trim get wet, the color changes to vivid green for a dynamic look. Designed for players who play for the moment, the Furon 2.0 is a striker’s boot created to help enhance your skills and encourage quick acceleration” says New Balance.

– one piece 1.4mm premium synthetic upper
– additional wide fitting
– fixed Revlite footbed provides superior cushioning
– asymmetrical internal heel counter
– lightweight nylon outsole
– aggressive TPU ‘Acceleration Zone’
– low lying sprint spike inspired collar

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Furon 2.0 Hydra LE cleats are available in stores for $225 (around 200 Euro, £175).