Lionel Messi Boots Scandal In Egyptian Show

Messi appeared on a TV show in Egypt called “Yes I am Famous” and in the end he handed over a pair of his messi boots to be donated by charity. But the Egyptian FA spokesperson Azmy Megahed said:

“Our poor people don’t need him. Shoes work for him. I’m confused, if he intends to humiliate us, then I say he better put those shoes on his head and on the heads of the people supporting him.”


In Arab culture showing the soles of your feet is offensive and the feet, being close to the ground, are seen as the lowest part of the body spiritually and shoes are considered dirty.

Social media users¬†are offended too: “Egypt’s name is greater than Messi’s shoes. This is a big insult to Egypt.”

“This is the most disgusting. He was paid thousands of dollars and at the end he donated his shoes and the stupid presenter was happy.”

Messi Shoes Egyptian Scandal

Former Egypt international and previous manager of club side Zamalek, Mido, defended the footballer saying: “The most precious thing a writer owns is his pen… and the most precious thing a footballer owns is his shoes.”

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